Preview mini, PetsJoin, 4eat and other apps to check out this weekend

It’s time again for another edition of our awesome Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have a minimal photo editor, a social app for pets and a digital nutritionist. And as always, we’ve selected a great game for you to check out.

Preview mini

Inspired by macOS Preview, made for iOS. The idea here is actually kind of neat—you get desktop-like image editing in a minimalistic workflow and design. Now most of this app’s features are available in the stock Photos and Notes apps, but I think there is something to putting them all in one simple UI.

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No politics, just pets! Sounds like a winning formula to me! PetsJoin is the social media app where others are actually ok with you posting non-stop cat photos (like, we get it Debbie, Mittens looks ‘regal’ in the right light). Anyway, the app lets you create, post and connect, as well as find local pet parks and clinics.

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4eat: meal planner

4eat offers totally personalized nutritional meal plans so you can forget about counting calories. Essentially it’s like having a nutritionist in your pocket—unlike other apps, it uses a tested algorithm to replicate the work of a professional nutritionist. There are free and premium plans, making this an interesting option to check out if you’re in the market!

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Big Tournament Golf

The 2022 PGA Tour season is officially in full swing, so what better way to get in on the action than a vintage golf game. Big Tournament Golf, by NEOGEO, was first released back in 1996 and now it’s back in full form on iOS. I don’t understand why every video game maker doesn’t do this with their vintage titles.

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