HomePod wallpapers for iPhone

In 2018, Apple launched its first speaker in more than a decade. The HomePod was the very indirect successor to the Apple iPod Hi-Fi speaker. This time, coming with a completely new design, voice control via Siri, and pairability for stereo sound or whole home audio. The rounded cylindrical design was instantly iconic, but the device was not.

These inspired HomePod wallpapers for iPhone recall the curved, mesh edge design.

HomePod wallpapers for iPhone

To tell a person anecdote, the full sized original HomePod is the first Apple device I have returned, in my more than decades long fanboy experience. I excitedly brought the device home at the promise of great audio and flawless Siri control. Siri aside, which has been a pipe dream since the iPhone 4s, I wanted to love everything about the speaker and considered replacing my SONOS speakers with them.

However, after getting HomePod, I wasn’t really impressed with the sound quality. It outperformed the entry level SONOS speakers, but left something to be desired from the Play:5. Now, the Play:5 is even more expensive, but I just didn’t feel like the HomePod performance justified the cost. Moreover, having a weak assistant running the whole experience furthered my frustration.

This aside, the look, shape, and even feel of the mesh was highly impressive. I remember the weight also implied quality build. There is no doubt the hardware and craftsmanship was top notch. It’s just the cost was too high.

The clever, crafted work by @BasicAppleGuy, takes the impressive hardware design and immortalizes the experience into these three iPhone wallpapers. The white, space gray, and rainbow versions all feature the iconic HomePod mesh and curved edge, while fading into a well placed minimal gradient.

Whether you are a fan of the device or not, you can easily appreciate the style of these HomePod wallpapers.

Classic white HomePod iPhone wallpaper Download
HomePod iPhone wallpaper in black Download

Rainbow HomePod wallpaper for iPhone Download

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