HomePod mini may launch soon in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and four other countries

The HomePod mini, Apple’s only smart speaker anymore, is available in a variety of different countries across the globe. However, there are still some regions that need coverage. And word on the street is that Apple is looking to launch in seven new countries pretty soon.

Apple's marketing image showing the upper half of the HomePod mini speakers in black, white, blue, orange and yellow
Image credit: Apple

As noted today by MacRumors, there are a handful of new areas where the HomePod mini could be destined to launch. And that’s all based on support for specific languages that the HomePod mini is either testing or already supports.

Over this last weekend, it was reported that Apple had begun testing Swedish language support for Siri in the HomePod mini. The company has apparently been working on the tests for at least a couple of months. And now there are reports that Apple is also testing Norwegian and Danish.

This could be a pretty clear indicator that Apple is looking to launch the HomePod mini in several new areas. That may include Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. As noted in the original report, these languages are already supported in iOS, but they still need to be supported by the HomePod mini before Apple can launch the smart speaker in those regions.

Looking beyond those areas, Apple recently released HomePod software 15.2, which includes language support for Russia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Belgium. That could be a clear sign that the HomePod mini will launch in those markets sooner rather than later.

Apple welcomed brand new colors for the HomePod mini in November of last year, adding yellow, blue, and orange to the mix.