Apple MagSafe Battery Pack prototype reveals what didn’t make the cut for final product

In the middle of 2021, Apple launched the MagSafe Battery Pack, one of the more oft-requested accessories to boast MagSafe compatibility. Now, thanks to some images posted on Twitter, we get to see what an early prototype of the accessory looked like — and what didn’t make the cut for the final product.

The Twitter account Internal Archive (via MacRumors) posted several different images of what they describe as a prototype of Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack. First and foremost, there is identifier information that’s engraved on the side of the product. Something that didn’t make the version of the product.

On the front of the external battery is where a couple of other changes took place. The front of the prototype is a glossy shell. There’s a different material for the bottom surface, and there’s a status LED on the bottom of the accessory as well. In the final version, that status LED is on the bottom of the Battery Pack, making it a bit easier to see.

It’s always nice to see these images, to see where a prototype was in the development of a new product. More than that, though, it’s fun to see which features might have been tweaked with production, or just didn’t make the cut at all.

Did you buy the MagSafe Battery Pack? If so, what do you think of the accessory?