Apple has become the world’s first $3 trillion company

Way, way back in August of 2020 Apple achieved a major milestone. It reached a $2 trillion market capitalization, which obviously made the news cycle. And now it’s January of 2022 and the company has reached yet another milestone.

As you’ve already figured out, Apple’s become the world’s first $3 trillion company. It did so on the back of its stock prices rising over 40% over the course of the last year. Apple’s stock price reached $182.86, tilting it over the edge.

As the pandemic continues, working from home has become the go-to for a lot of companies. That has led to a lot more computers and tablets being purchased, of course. Apple has been doing pretty well for itself despite the ongoing health crisis. That probably won’t change anytime soon, either.

Market capitalization is seen as the overall value of a publicly traded company. That result is reached because the market cap is the value of a share multiplied by the number of shares. It’s worth noting, of course, this is good news for share holders in general. But, as noted by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, it’s not “the most important measure” of the company’s “success.”

Still, it’s a major milestone no matter what. And Apple will look to capitalize on that moving forward into 2022.