WhatsApp will soon animate all heart emoticons, not just the red emoji

WhatsApp animates only the red heart emoji, but that could change soon. The Meta-owned messaging service is testing the same animation for all the WhatsApp heart emoji.

An illustration with a WhatsApp logo in white set against a green background


  • WhatsApp for iOS is testing animations for all the heart emoticons
  • Currently, only the red heart emoji is animated in the mobile app
  • The same feature is already available on WhatsApp Web and Desktop

All WhatsApp heart emoji will eventually animate

You may know that WhatsApp automatically animates a single red heart emoji when you send it in a chat. It’s a simple, subtle thing that can delight and surprise the person you’re chatting with. But why not animate all the other heart emoticons that are available through the app? Well, that’s exactly what the Meta-owned company has been working on. Read: How to preview voice messages on WhatsApp before sending them

As evidenced by the latest beta edition of WhatsApp for iPhone, the company is now testing animating all the other hearts when sent as a single character.

The following WhatsApp heart emoji characters are now animated aside from the red one:

  • Black heart emoji
  • White heart emoji
  • Yellow heart emoji
  • Orange heart emoji
  • Green heart emoji
  • Blue heart emoji
  • Purple heart emoji

So who precisely can enjoy these animated hearts right now? Well, the company is currently testing this feature with iOS users who participate in the WhatsApp Beta program. If you haven’t joined the beta, this feature will be currently unavailable to you.

WABetaInfo notes that the same feature will be added to WhatsApp beta for Android. Depending on feedback received, the company may release the feature to all users or nix it overnight. We think animated hearts will soon launch for everyone, so there’s that.

WhatsApp message reactions are in the works

WhatsApp is currently testing other improvements expected to be released publicly sooner than later. One of them: The ability to react to messages like on Facebook.

Writing in a separate post, WABetaInfo explains in a separate post that WhatsApp users will be permitted to react to a specific message once, with reactions reportedly limited to the following emoticons: Like, Love, Laugh, Surprised, Sad and Thanks.