4-minute footage shows life inside Apple Park, but reveals no secrets

A French TV crew was given unprecedented access to the Apple Park headquarters while speaking to some of the company’s top dogs such as marketing guru Greg Joswiak.


  • French TV channel TF1 enjoyed unprecedented access to Apple’s headquarters
  • They call it “one of the most secret places on the planet”
  • The TV crew even got to interview notable Apple executives

Life inside Apple Park in the age of pandemic

The Apple Park headquarters are usually bursting with action.

In the past two years as the pandemic struck, however, Apple Park has been more like a ghost town. Moreover, it’s unclear when its 12,000 employees might be permanently returning to office. Be that as it may, a French television team saw its opportunity to film the interior of the main ring-shaped office building.

The full video is available on the LCI website.

Not only that but the French TV channel TF1 was even given access to Apple’s executives like Greg Joswiak, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing who is quoted as saying the following:

When Steve Jobs designed Apple Park, he wanted to create the office building of the future. He wanted a place where people come out of the office, where they meet by chance, collaborate and exchange ideas. He wanted it to be a place where people can walk.

Steve Jobs was well-known for taking long walks, usually with one of his close friends from the technology world like Larry Ellison or Walt Mossberg. And one correction: Steve Jobs did not design the Apple Park building all by himself, he got a little help from the world-famous architectural design and engineering firm Foster + Partners.

Are there any glimpses of unreleased products?

Calling it “one of the most secret places on the planet,” the crew has managed to film previously unseen footage showing life inside ‌‌the massive ring-shaped building with staff members discussing something intensely. We know what you’re thinking, right?

Don’t even try to find a glimpse of a future Apple product in this video because there’s none—a culture of secrecy permeates every corner of the campus.

Steve Jobs’s last project, Apple Park is as big as 1,000 football pitches but that doesn’t mean the TV crew got to see what’s behind each door. Quite the contrary, many doors remained closed and each location filmed “is subject to negotiation.”

A photograph showing an aerial view oof the Apple Park headquarters

Aside from Joswiak, other executives appear in the video.

One of them is Dr. Sumbul Desai, Apple’s Health leader, who explains that Apple wants to improve the doctor-patient relationship rather than replace it. “What is very important is that users can choose element by element what data they authorize and Apple does not receive and see any of your data,” she added. “They remain inside the device.”

And there’s also Lisa Jackson, vice president of Environment and Social Initiatives, who reiterated Apple’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 because “this is what our customers expect”. Apple Park runs 100 percent on renewable energy with electricity generated from natural gas or biogas, as well as the solar panels covering its rooftop.