Apple TV+ gives a behind the scenes look at the sci-fi film ‘Finch’ starring Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a household name, but the legendary actor wasn’t always so keen on the idea of having his recent films actually stream only in households. However, Hanks has found a place on Apple TV+, with two of the largest film releases on the streaming platform to date.

The first of which, of course, was his World War II-set story Greyhound. That film was well-received for the most part, and it got a lot of people using Apple TV+. And then, months later, the Tom Hanks-starring sci-fi drama Finch reportedly earned the streaming service its biggest movie premiere to date.

Which makes sense, because there’s a very good dog starring alongside Hanks in that film. Oh, and Caleb Landry Jones (Get Out) as a robot named Jeff.

And if you wanted to take a look behind the scenes of that project, and get some feedback from some of the cast and crew (including Hanks), then this latest BTS video from Apple TV+ will be right up your alley. You can check it out in the YouTube video above, which Apple TV+ published today. It measures in at over seven minutes in length, and you get a great look at the development of the project as a whole.

Plus, plenty of footage of the dog, the real star of the film.

Here’s the official description of the film, just in case you haven’t watched it yet:

Tom Hanks is Finch, a man who embarks on a moving and powerful journey to find a new home for his unlikely family—his beloved dog and a newly created robot—in a dangerous and ravaged world.

Finch is available to stream on Apple TV+ right now.