Rumor has it there are three new Apple external displays in the works

Three external Apple displays are said to be in development, one of which is an updated Pro Display XDR that could be powered by Apple silicon.

An update to Pro Display XDR is among three new external Appel displays said to be in the works


  • Apple and LG may be co-developing three external displays
  • Two displays are based on the 24- and 27-inch iMacs
  • One display is an update to Pro Display XDR

Are there any new Apple displays in the works?

Ever since Apple discontinued its beloved Thunderbolt Display and rolled out its $5,000 Pro Display XDR, most people knew the age of affordable Apple displays was over. We have since heard rumors that shiny new external screens adorned with a shiny Apple logo are in development in Apple’s labs. Read: How to manage external displays on Mac

The logic went: since the Pro Display XDR is so too pricey for the normals, Apple should create a more affordable external display to serve as a Thunderbolt Display replacement for those who do not need a reference monitor on their desk. Today’s rumor is the first indication that Apple is indeed working on new displays.

The information, first spotted by MacRumors, comes from Twitter account @dylandkt.

The leaker added that the 27-inch and 32-inch displays seem to have mini-LED displays with a 120Hz variable refresh rate for ProMotion, and he said the 32-inch display appears to be equipped with an unspecified Apple silicon chip.

One of the displays is said to be based on the current 24-inch iMac. Another one is apparently based on an upcoming update to the current Intel-based 27-inch iMac. The third one, however, is believed to be an updated version of the current $5,000 Pro Display XDR.

These early development units are encased in unbranded enclosures.

Commercial units could easily ship in an Apple-branded enclosure, of course. LG is no stranger to creating displays optimized for Mac users, and Apple used to sell those on its online store. Apple is likely co-developing these screens with LG Display, which has provided LCD panels for external Apple displays in the past.