Review: luxury leather AirPods Max case by Woolnut

AirPods Max are my most expensive set of headphones. In fact, they are one of my most expensive accessories, even in covering premium Apple products for about a decade. My first concern when opening the AirPods Max package was the skimpy, low coverage piece of cloth that Apple considers a case. I immediately started looking for a premium AirPods Max case and Woolnut delivered on all levels.

You may recognize the Woolnut brand name from two previous reviews. I checked out their MacBook Pro leather sleeve and iPad portfolio case. Both of which offered great protection and premium quality. That standard has continued in one of their newest releases, the Leather Case for AirPods Max. A durable, premium, Scandinavian leather case is tailor-made for the AirPods Max, including the charger and cable.

Woolnut Leather Case for AirPods Max review

I was able to snag a review model from the team at Woolnut to tote around between home and office. I’ve been carrying it back and forth for almost two months now and genuinely love the case. Ditching the Apple case is the first thing I fell in love with… The Woolnut Leather Case for AirPods Max has an integrated magnet system that matches the standard AirPods Max case. Consequently, placing AirPods Max into the case automatically puts them into sleep mode and they disconnect from your devices. I found that at work, or even WFH, that really quickly popping the headphones into the case is one of the biggest wins. Fumbling around trying to get the headphones into or out of the Apple case was super annoying when I was doing it multiple times per day.

The tailor-made case perfectly fits the AirPods Max and even has a little bit of extra wiggle room, if you slightly expand the headband. The case itself gives a little, as the materials are mostly leather and a dense microfiber. The case itself is substantial, yet slightly malleable. I find it is sturdy enough to carry on its own or bounce around in my day pack. But, in no means would I consider it a hardshell case. If you are looking for a case that is completely rigid, without give, you need to look elsewhere. Overall, I think the case could do with a little more rigid structure, but I carry it in my day pack, where it is already protected.

Inside, you will also find elastic bands to perfectly hold your charger and charging cable. If you have the 3.5mm to Lightning cable, there is no trouble making it fit comfortably as well. A small cut out is found next to the right ear cup, which provides an option to charge the headphones while still inside the case. The window is just large enough to see the Lightning port and the status light to ensure you are making a proper connection.

The clamshell design opens and closes with a “YKK EXCELLA” zipper. According to Woolnut, this is a premium, exclusive and fully polished zipper systems that is designed to prevent scratching the AirPods Max. To be honest, I don’t review zippers, but I can tell by the pull and easy slide, it is a nicer zipper than other accessory bags. As for the claims the polished design prevents scratches, my headphones show no wear, but I had never considered the zipper might scratch them in the first place. You can read more about all of their choice materials via a dedicated overview.


In summary, the Woolnut Leather Case for AirPods Max is the premium case I would expect Apple to include with the purchase of such high-end headphones. And if Apple didn’t include a case like this, it should have designed and sold a case like this as an official Apple accessory.

After carrying the case for a couple of months, I can genuinely say, I love it. I used a much cheaper, hardshell case from Amazon in the past, but this leather case much better matches the style of my other everyday carry gadget accessories. If you are even interested in a product like this, I assume you too aren’t just looking for a run-of-the-mill case for your expensive AirPods Max.

This is the professional grade, luxury experience you’ve been looking for. From the pebbled Scandinavian leather that will gracefully age over time to the plush microfiber interior that cradles your device, the craftsmanship matches the premium experience of your AirPods Max.

At €112 ($127 at time of publication), the Woolnut case is an investment, but not overpriced for the addressable market. The case is available in black, hunter green, and a rich, “cognac” brown. I opted for the brown, which matches my other Woolnut accessories. It is that classic brown color, which will most likely match any other brown leather accessories you’ve collected along the way. Enjoy the freedom of ditching the haphazard case Apple provided.