Apple TV+ drama ‘Bad Blood’ will be directed by Adam McKay and star Jennifer Lawrence

Theranos. The company that had a very rocky go of things, which is putting it lightly. So of course there’s going to be a movie about the whole thing. And after years of trying to get it up off the ground, it looks like Apple will finally be the one to help the theatrical story get out into the world.

Elizabeth Holmes, Jennifer Lawrence, and Adam McKay.

On Apple TV+, anyway. That’s according to a report today from Deadline, which says that Apple Original Films has confirmed it will be the production studio bringing the film to market. One of the studios, as Apple Original Films will be producing along with Legendary. Which makes sense, because Legendary initially won the heated auction for the film way back in 2016.

That’s right, this film has been in the works for a long time.

The upcoming film is called Bad Blood, and it will tell the story of the rise and fall of Theranos, a blood testing company that fell apart a while back. Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) is set to star as Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of the company. Adam McKay (The Big Short) is set to write and direct.

The timing of all this lines up, too. You’ve probably seen in the news recently that Holmes is currently on trial for charges of defrauding investors and patients. That’s been going on for weeks now and it’s big news, especially in the tech circle. The fact that there’s actually movement on this film now makes sense.

A bit more on that situation:

Holmes’ Silicon Valley blood testing startup catapulted the Stanford dropout to short-lived status as the youngest and richest self-made billionaire as shares of Theranos became the darling of the venture capital set. It all came tumbling down after an expose by former WSJ investigative reporter John Carreyrou. The film is based on his book, Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Start Up.

With Apple and Legendary as primary producers, Lawrence’s own Excellent Cadaver is producing as well.

No word on when this will launch. But principal filming hasn’t even begun yet, so it’s still a ways off. Now that everything is settled on the backend, though, we should start to hear a lot more about Bad Blood in the very near future. When we do, we’ll be sure to pass it along.