Luna Display now lets you use your Mac as a secondary PC display

Luna Display’s PC-to-Mac mode lets you use your Mac as a secondary external display for a Windows PC with both 4K and 5K resolution supported natively right out of the box.

Marketing image showing an iMac acting as a secondary wireless display for Lenovo's Windows PC laptop via the Luna Display USB-C dongle
Image credit: Astropad


  • An update to Luna Display turns your Mac into a secondary display for the PC
  • Crisp 4K and 5K resolutions are now supported natively on your PC
  • The update also brings the new Teleprompter and Office modes

Luna Display’s PC-to-Mac mode is now available

All you need to do is download the latest versions of the Luna Display software, then hook up your Mac to your Windows PC to use in extended display mode. This is a great option if you have an outdated Mac that still has a working screen. The update adds other improvements, like support for Magic Keyboard and 4K/5K resolution. On the PC side, you also get two new modes: Teleprompter and Office.

  • PC-to-Mac mode
  • Support for 4K and 5K resolution
  • Magic Keyboard support
  • Teleprompter Mode for PC
  • Office Mode for PC

For further information about the update, visit the Astropad blog.

Marketing image showing using a MacBook Air as a secondary wireless display for Lenovo's Windows PC laptop with a little help from Astropad's Luna Display USB-C dongle
Image credit: Astropad

What are Luna Display’s Teleprompter and Office modes about?

4K and 5K resolution support requires a USB-C version of the dongle. Resolutions beyond 4K require macOS Big Sur or later. The update lets you use your Magic Keyboard and trackpad with an iPad while using Luna Display (it works for both Mac and PC).

Luna describes Teleprompter mode as follows:

Pair Luna Display with a beam splitter to give direct eye contact during video calls. Teleprompter mode automatically flips your display image, so that your beam splitter reflects the correct image orientation. It’s perfect for professional meetings, online teaching, or interviews. We first introduced Teleprompter mode for Mac in 2020, and now we’re adding it for PC users.

As for the new Office mode, it was designed for cross-platform workspace and environments with multiple people using Luna. Office Mode ensures Luna doesn’t auto-connect to the first computer it finds on the network. Instead, you must connect manually either via Wi-Fi or USB cable.

Today’s update makes Luna Display even more useful than before. Aside from Mac-to-Mac connections, the software now also supports PC-to-Mac connections. Regardless of your scenario, Luna Display works both wirelessly and via an Ethernet connection.

Luna Display pricing and availability

Luna Display from Astropad is available at

The dongle is provided in both USB-C and HDMI flavors, with the former suitable for both Windows and Mac systems. A Mac-only version supporting older systems used on Mini DisplayPort is also available.

The dongle costs $129.99.