Add a new Apple Card user to your account and they’ll receive $10 Daily Cash

A new Apple Card promotion running this month invites you to add a new Apple Card user to your account via the Family Sharing feature to instantly receive $10 Daily Cash.

A still from Apple's ad promoting Apple Pay


  • New Apple Card promotion requires you to add a new user
  • Doing so will award the user with $10 Daily Cash
  • This requires the Family Sharing feature

New Apple Card promo takes advantage of Family Sharing

Apple Card supports the Family Sharing feature allowing a single Apple Card to be shared and used by up to five additional people for a total of six, including anyone 13 years or older. Read: Here’s how you can remotely disable Apple Pay on all your devices

Apple Card sharing takes advantage of the Family Sharing feature, built into Apple devices. And now, the company has put out a new promotion designed to entice customers who have not yet shared their Apple Card to do so. According to the promotion terms, adding a new Apple Card user to your account will earn them $10 Daily Cash as soon as they make their first purchase.

People were informed of the latest promotion via Apple’s email message:

Apple Card Family lets you share the great features and benefits of Apple Card with anyone you call family. Add a new Apple Card user to your account by November 30, 2021, and they’ll receive $10 Daily Cash from us when they make their first purchase with Apple Card within 30 days.

The deal is valid only for new Apple Card users who are added to an Apple Card Family account from November 4, 2021, to November 30, 2021. As mentioned, the new user must make a purchase within 30 days of being added to the Apple Card Family account. The promotion does not apply to existing users who merge their Apple Card accounts to become co-owners with other existing Apple Card users.

“An additional purchase made during the offer period will qualify you for re-fulfillment of the $10 Daily Cash bonus, but re-fulfillment may be delayed,” Apple says. “Changes to your account status during the offer period may delay the fulfillment of your Daily Cash bonus.”

Users added before November 4, 2021, and after November 30, 2021, do not qualify.