Jony Ive’s LoveFrom has designed this inaugural Terra Carta Seal

Jony Ive’s design shop, LoveFrom, is very much alive and kicking. Its latest project involves designing the Terra Carta Seal which recognizes corporate sustainability efforts.

The Terra Carta Seal award for sustainability efforts, designed by Jony Ive's LoveFrom company
Image credit: Wallpaper


  • Ive’s LoveFrom design consultancy is behind the inaugural Terra Carta Seal
  • The British-born designer departed Apple in 2019 to form LoveFrom
  • LoveFrom’s clients include Apple, Airbnb and Ferrari

Jony Ive designs now include the Terra Carta Seal

A charter that details a sustainable future through participation from private corporations, the Terra Carta is part of Prince Charles’ Sustainable Markets Initiative focused on climate change. The organization, according to its website, aims to reunite people and the planet “by giving fundamental rights and value to Nature.”

The inaugural award was designed by LoveFrom and made in partnership with the Sustainable Markets Initiative. To emphasize the nature focus, the design uses elements like acorns, oak leaves, acorns, ferns, magnolia flowers, birds, butterflies and bees.

Both digital and paper versions of the seal were developer, Wallpaper reports. The design incorporates a special serif font made exclusively for LoveFrom projects.

We spent all this time creating a typeface that we would use for our identity: we didn’t want a logo, we wanted something far more modest, more similar to a dialogue. We thought we would use this typeface for our friends; we couldn’t think of a better way to take advantage of a few years of work around the Terra Carta, and I think it works really quite well. You can see the typography is clearly central to the seal, but I was seduced by the gentle, slightly anarchic dominance of the natural references.

The physical seal, printed on handmade paper from British paper mill James Cropper, is presented to Terra Carta Seal winners. Read: How to print from iPhone and iPad

Ive departed Apple in 2019 to start LoveFrom with fellow Apple designers. It’s only fitting that LoveFrom has a very minimalist website.