Apple’s iCloud Private Relay feature is currently experiencing an outage

Thankfully, it doesn’t happen all the time. And, even when it does, Apple is usually right on top of the issue(s) with a fix. But, from time to time, there are outages that impact Apple’s online services. And today is one of those days, with Apple’s new iCloud Private Relay feature feeling the burn.

Three iPhone screenshots showing the iCloud Private Relay entry in iCloud settings (left), a splash screen for the feature (middle) and the IP address location settings (right)

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, Apple’s updated its official system status page to confirm that, as of 11:40 AM PT/ 2:40 PM ET, the iCloud Private Relay is experiencing an outage of some kind. The company’s site says that the outage is “ongoing,” and it does not currently have a time listed for a potential fix.

As far as details are concerned, there aren’t many. It is worth noting that, as of the time of publication of this story, this is the only service that’s currently showing any kind of outage or issues.

Apple’s system status page says that, “Some users are affected” and that “users may be unable to use this service.” And that’s about it, unfortunately. We don’t know what’s causing the problem in the first place, and we don’t know when Apple will get around to fixing it.

However, now that Apple has confirmed that an issue exists, and that some users are impacted by it, a patch on Apple’s end should arrive sooner rather than later.

As soon as there is a fix and the iCloud Private Relay shows that it’s up and running for all users again, we will update this post accordingly. Have you run into any issues using the feature?