Apple releases HomePod software 15.1.1

It’s a week for minor software updates, apparently. Following the release of tvOS 15.1.1 to the public, which included a variety of behind-the-scenes fixes but no major new features, Apple is back with an update for the HomePod and HomePod mini.

Apple's marketing image showing the upper half of the HomePod mini speakers in black, white, blue, orange and yellow
Image credit: Apple

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, Apple released HomePod software 15.1.1 to the public. As the version number suggests, this is a minor update in the grand scheme of things. Which means we should not expect any major forward facing features to be added to the mix. It is likely this new software is designed specifically to address any lingering and persistent software issues, and perhaps simply improve the overall experience with using Apple’s smart speakers.

HomePod software 15.1.1 is available now. With the new software, the version build number is now 1A2591.

If there are any major new discoveries made with HomePod software 15.1.1, we will update this post accordingly.

In related news, Apple recently launched the HomePod mini in a variety of new colors. You can now buy the small smart speaker in yellow, orange, and blue — as well as space gray and white.