Apple Card is once again offering 6% Daily Cash on eligible Apple Online Store purchases [Updated: not so much]

In time for the holiday season in 2019, Apple rolled out a boost to Daily Cash earnings for Apple Card owners. Typically, Apple offers 3% cash back when buying eligible products from an Apple Store, either in a physical retail shop or online. And if you use Apple Pay. But while Apple may have skipped last year, it appears the program’s boost to 6% was good enough to bring back eventually.

Update (10/22/2021)It turns out that the initial marketing for 6% Daily Cash on eligible purchases was an error on Apple’s part. However, for folks who took advantage of select purchases, and were informed that they’d receive 6 percent cash back, the company will honor that. Which means customers will still receive the boost in cash back.

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And a little early, too. According to 9to5Mac, which confirmed the promotion after it was initially discovered by Tailosive Tech via Twitter, Apple is now rolling out the 6% Daily Cash boost for Apple Card customers. This means if you head over to Apple’s online store and use your Apple Card and Apple Pay to checkout, you’ll be rewarded with the boost in cash back. According to the report, the boost in promotional Daily Cash is tied to purchases with the Apple Online Store this time around. And, at the time of publication, Apple has not made any announcements regarding the boost to the cash back deal.

It’s possible that when Apple does make an official announcement, in-store purchases will be covered by the promo, too.

The original report says that eligible Apple-branded hardware is covered by the Daily Cash boost. Which means the brand new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro pre-orders appear to be covered, too. Which means the promotion actually went live sometime this week, and Apple has opted to give eligible customers the boost to their Daily Cash rewards. Per today’s report, there may be some caveats in regard to what’s eligible for 6% Daily Cash, just as there was in 2019:

This year’s 6% Daily Cash promo appears to have kicked in sometime this week. It appears to be valid for all purchases Apple hardware, doubling the usual 3% cash back rate on Apple purchases with Apple Card. We have not been able to confirm whether the promo applies to App Store/services purchases, but the 2019 promo notably excluded those categories.

If you have used your Apple Card to pick up some Apple hardware directly from the company’s online store, have you seen the uptick in Daily Cash reward?