Download the official 2021 MacBook Pro wallpapers here

Apple announced brand new MacBook Pro devices! Incredible power houses in all new chases are going to be the hot ticket item for anyone looking to upgrade their machine. We also have a reunion with popular I/O like a card reader, HDMI, and even a magnetic charging port. Of course, no new Apple hardware looks completely fresh without incredibly jaw dropping wallpapers. Download the official MacBook Pro wallpapers for your current machines.

Official MacBook Pro “Chroma” advertising wallpapers

Thanks to the quick work of @Red1860, we have the brand new wallpapers. Red was able to extract the images from the macOS Monterey RC and found blue and red versions of the new wallpapers, titled “Chroma,” in both light and dark mode options. Red also uncovered the dynamic, auto-changing, version of the images as well.

Download the dynamic versions of the Blue Chroma [HEIC file] and Red Chroma [HEIC file] wallpaper and they will change with your system preferences.

Find the light and dark mode still versions below and make sure to follow @Red1860 in support of the clever work! Our thanks to Red for always coming through with the official wallpapers!

MacBook Pro macOS Monterey official blue “Chroma” wallpaper (light mode)

macOS Monterey “Chroma” wallpaper for MacBook Pro (dark mode)

Red macOS Monterey wallpaper for MacBook Pro “Chroma”¬†(light mode)

“Chroma” MacBook Pro red macOS Monterey wallpaper (dark mode)

We are also really excited to have iDB regular, @AR72014, posting up some iPhone-optimized versions just in time for this post. Check out these incredible mods and give him a follow on Twitter for regular wallpaper downloads.

“Chroma” light mode blue macOS Monterey MacBook Pro wallpaper for iPhone

Dark mode “Chroma” 2021 MacBook Pro wallpaper for iPhone

MacBook Pro wallpaper in “Chroma” red optimized for iPhone

Dark mode “Chroma” red MacBook Pro iPhone wallpaper

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