macOS Monterey inspired “Waves” wallpapers for iPhone

Announced in the summer of 2021 at WWDC, macOS Monterey will be launching something this fall, most likely alongside brand new desktop hardware. The new hardware is expected to appear during an Apple media event in October or November.

With new software comes new wallpaper. This wallpaper collection is inspired by both macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur. “Waves” wallpaper offers simple geometric shapes and a pleasing color palette.

macOS Monterey inspired wallpaper

The Waves wallpaper collection is created by digital artist @Arthur1992aS. macOS Big Sur was the first stock Apple wallpaper to utilize this layered style design with multiple cascading colors. macOS Monterey took the design and utilized a softer color palette, focusing on richer blues, purples, and pinks. The following Waves wallpaper pack combines both the colors found in macOS Monterey and Big Sur with the layering found in both stock images.

My favorite Waves wallpaper is found at the bottom. The pink and blue gradient in the top right corner, combined with the layered coloring effect throughout the rest of the images makes for the best color combination, in my opinion!

Waves wallpaper inspired macOS Monterey stock image

macOS Big Sur colored, macOS Monterey inspired Waves wallpaper

Waves wallpaper design with yellow, blue, and pink

macOS Monterey gradient wallpaper with pink, blue, and light blue 

Pink gradient blue Waves wallpaper

Blue and pink gradient Waves wallpaper inspired by macOS Monterey

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