Ted Lasso signs deal with English Premier League ahead of season 2 finale

Ted Lasso is kind of a success story for Apple TV+, with a fledgling video streaming service hosting a legitimate hit. The first season was a resounding winner for Apple, and everyone involved with the creation of the show. And with the second season just about to wrap up (with a lot more people offering up “negative opinions” about the show), it looks like the show has just secured a pretty big deal for one of the world’s largest sporting bodies.

As first reported by The Athletic, the show has secured a licensing agreement with the English Premier League (EPL). With the deal now in place, which apparently has been a sought-after goal for the production team behind the show, this means that Ted Lasso can show off official EPL content.

That includes archival footage of past games, the EPL championship trophy, and, perhaps most importantly (depending on how things go for the show’s football club) EPL club logos. The report says that the licensing deal is worth upwards of £500,000, so not a small sum.

Interestingly, as mentioned above, this has been a goal for quite some time. But the people in charge at the EPL were apparently not on board with the idea to start. However, it’s apparently because the show has garnered so much praise since its debut that the deal was a possibility. And it sounds like some of the EPL executives like the show, too.

As a result, the deal’s now done, apparently, and that should open the door quite a bit for the Ted Lasso universe to feel more like an actual team in the real world. Not that that hasn’t been an issue up to this point, but including the EPL just makes a lot of sense.

Now, before you head over to The Athletic to read some more details on all of this, it’s worth pointing out that there are some potential spoilers for the second season therein. The final episode in the second season is set to air on Friday, October 8, 2021. No word on when the third season will debut, but hopefully it’s relatively soon after this season wraps up.

Have you enjoyed the second season of the hit series?