When will Apple Watch Series 7 finally launch? One source says around the middle of October

A source with a decent but not stellar track record claims that Apple will at long last release Apple Watch Series 7 around the middle of October following the September event.


  • Jon Prosser says Apple Watch Series 7 is launching in mid-October
  • We’re also expecting an Apple event in October focused on Macs
  • It’s logical to assume that Series 7 will launch before new Macs

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Apple Watch Series 7 may launch in mid-October

That’s according to Jon Prosser, who has established a name for himself as a more or less reliable source in terms of Apple rumors. In his report on FrontPageNews, Prosser claims to have received this information from multiple sources familiar with the release.

He goes on to detail the Apple could start accepting pre-orders for Series 7 as early as next week. Delivers will apparently commence the week after, ar around the middle of October.

Apple has begun informing the press to expect ‘more information in the coming weeks’ regarding review units, but from what I understand, they were not given an exact date for pre-orders or launch just yet.

—Jon Prosser

The official Apple Watch Series 7 webpage wasn’t updated at post time with more accurate information regarding the device’s launch. It still says that Series 7 will be “available later this fall.” Fall 2021 ends on December 23 so this isn’t very helpful.

But Prosser may be onto something here, as 9to5Mac notes:

Interestingly, Apple’s partner Hermès seems to corroborate Prosser’s leak. The company, which will once again offer its own custom Apple Watch models, told a customer that Series 7 pre-orders will begin on October 8, 2021. It’s unclear whether this is a legitimate answer, but it matches the schedule reported by Prosser.

But should you trust this report? Did Prosser just make an informed guess here?

Other new Apple products may launch in October, too

That’s because Apple will almost certainly hold another pre-taped unveiling this month to announce new Apple silicon notebooks and, possibly, other products. So with those new products arriving later this month, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that Series 7 will launch around that timeframe as well.

Apple Watch Series 7 was announced in September 2021 alongside the iPhone 13 lineup.

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The wearable device has a tweaked design (without the rumors flat edges though) and a slightly bigger screen. It runs the same Apple chip as its predecessor. Series 7 also doesn’t include any new health sensors.