New Apple documentary series explores how some of the biggest songs were created

Have you heard about a brand-new Apple Music documentary mini-series about the creative processes behind some of the biggest songs? Allow us to fill you in with details.


  • “The Spark” is Apple’s new mini-documentary series
  • It focuses on the songwriting and creative process
  • The first episode features singer and songwriter Cuco
  • Apple in the past experimented with similar YouTube shorts

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Watch “The Spark”, Apple Music’s new mini documentary series

The series is dubbed “The Spark,” with the first episode available on YouTube for free.

The seven-minute video focuses on Cuco, a Hawthorne, California-based singer, songwriter and record producer. Known in the real world as Omar Banos, Cuco gives us a glimpse into his creative process and explains how he wrote his trippy new track, titled “Under the Sun”.

From the video description:

In Episode One, we follow Mexican American singer-songwriter and visionary indie artist, Cuco. A deep dive into how he brings a song to life from first note, to final lyric, Cuco explains how Under the Sun took him over a year to finish. A song that explores magical realism, Under the Sun is an ode to Cuco’s roots.

You can watch the whole thing embedded right ahead.

The company describes “The Spark” as a documentary mini-series that explores “the origin stories of some of culture’s biggest songs and the creative journeys behind them.”

This is hardly the first such music-focused documentary from Apple.

On Apple Music and in the TV app, Apple hosts several full-length music documentaries that either the company itself filmed or bought rights to an existing one.

Some of the available documentaries include the acclaimed documentary about Rolland’s legendary TR-808 drum machine. Recently, Apple launched a mini-game show about music and culture, titled “Play, Pause, Delete,” which is also available on YouTube.