Notorious analyst predicts new health-management features for Apple Watch Series 8 and AirPods

Apple Watch Series 8 will include a new body temperature sensor while future AirPods will provide unspecified health-management features, claims a noted Apple analyst.


  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back at it, predicting new health features from Apple
  • According to the analyst, Apple Watch Series 8 will take your temperature
  • He also says that future AirPods will provide health-management features

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Apple Watch Series 8 may take your body temperature

Ming-Chi Kuo’s powers now call for watches and earbuds from Apple with new health management features. Kuo, who is among the most reliable Apple analyst, wrote in a new research note seen by MacRumors that Apple Watch Series 8 will take your body temperature.

Kuo said he is optimistic about Apple Watch demand in 2022 given that Apple Watch Series 8 will offer new health management features, and he predicted this will include body temperature measurement. This feature would conveniently turn the Apple Watch into a thermometer on your wrist, which could be especially useful for detecting a fever, a common symptom of many illnesses.

Kuo’s research note isn’t based only on earlier reports saying the iPhone maker is planning to bring quite a few new health features to the fore in the future, including blood pressure monitoring, as well as sleep tracking and a thermometer for fertility.

Some of those features probably won’t see the light of day until at least 2023 though.

Health features for future AirPods

Kuo’s note also calls for a pair of AirPods earbuds with new sensors in them to provide various health-management functions. The analyst stopped short of giving any specific details, but earlier reporting on future AirPods did mention health-tracking functions such as monitoring the user’s heart rate, step count and various health conditions.

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When does Apple Watch Series 8 launch?

Apple rarely pre-announces unreleased products. In the past few years, the company updated its wearable device one per year in September, like clockwork. We’re not expecting this to change, barring significant supply-chain disruptions.

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Apple is scheduled to broadcast its pre-taped product presentation on Tuesday, September 14, with the iPhone 13 the main attraction of the event. Alongside the next iPhone lineup, we’re also expecting to see what’s new for Apple Watch with the new Apple Watch Series 7.

If history repeats itself, we’ll see the same pattern unfold in September 2022 with unveilings of the 2022 iPhone lineup (tentatively named iPhone 14) and, of course, Apple Watch Series 8.