The best smart blood pressure monitors you can buy right now

If you are in need of a smart blood pressure monitor, we’ve put together a roundup of some of the best options you can buy right now.

Keeping track of your health is important. And if a doctor has told you you’re in danger of having high blood pressure, or already do, it can be even more so. Checking your blood pressure used to mean a trip to the doctor or a pharmacy with the required equipment. Now you can carry one with you wherever you go.

We’ve put together this list of the best smart blood pressure monitors you can buy right now, so let’s get to it.

Best smart blood pressure monitors in 2020


iHealth is a well-known brand in this market, and it has one of the best options for checking your blood pressure while out and about. iHealth even includes a carry case to make it that much easier. iHealth says its monitoring system is extremely accurate, quick, and it shouldn’t hurt even as the pressure mounts on your arm.

There is a single sensor within the band, so you’ll need to make sure to position it correctly for it to measure your blood pressure. But this should provide for a more accurate reading, too. The wrist cuff can fit wrist sizes between 5.3 to 8.7 inches.

The iHealth blood pressure monitor connects to your iOS device (works with iPhone and iPad) via Bluetooth, and there is a free app to monitor your stats. The blood pressure monitor and app also connect directly with Apple’s Health app. The app makes it easy to share the data with not only your family, but also your doctors.

You can buy the connected iHealth smart blood pressure monitor now from Amazon.

Buy iHealth blood pressure monitor for $39.34


Greater Goods

If you’re looking for a blood pressure monitor that can wrap around your upper-arm, then Greater Goods has an option for you. It will fit arm circumferences between 8.75 and 16.5 inches. The full kit features two power sources (batteries or a wall plug), a carrying case, the arm band, and a large display to see your results. It connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone.

The Greater Goods smart blood pressure monitor also offers a full support team to help you when you need it, which is based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

This blood pressure monitor uses the free Balance Health app to keep track of individual trends. You’ll see your healthy trends and measurement history right on the display when you need it.

The Greater Goods connected blood pressure monitor is available from Amazon now.

Buy Greater Goods blood pressure monitor for $39.85


The Withings smart blood pressure monitor fits around the upper arm, and can fit arm circumferences between 9 inches to 17 inches. The design is easy to take readings while at home or on the go. That extends to the fact that the app will launch automatically when you start taking a reading.

It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and the device will track your health data in the Health Mate app (which is free). Withings also notes that if a customer has a flexible spending account through their employee health plan, they don’t need a doctor’s prescription to get this smart blood pressure monitor.

Not only does the app give color-coded results, which are easy to understand at a glance, the app will also offer up advice based on industry standards based on those results. The app also makes it easy to email your results to your doctor.

The Withings smart blood pressure monitor is available now from Amazon.

Buy Withings blood pressure monitor for $93.92


The QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor is designed to offer clinical accuracy. It’s comfortable design makes it easy to take a reading while on the go or at home. There is a free app that not only tracks your health data, but also makes it simple to wirelessly connect to the monitor. It also supports the Apple Watch. It connects via Bluetooth.

This is another cuff design, so it will fit arm sizes between 8.7 and 14.6 inches. Battery life, according to QardioArm, will last a full year even with frequent usage.

The app will securely store your health data. It also makes it easy to share that data with family or your doctor, and you can choose to share it via the app or through an email. The Withings blood pressure monitor supports multiple users as well, and utilizes measurement charts to keep track of your health data. It even offers detection for irregular heartbeats.

The QardioArm smart blood pressure is available now from Amazon.

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