Microsoft Teams is getting Apple CarPlay support

You can now use Microsoft Teams on Apple’s CarPlay system as well as take advantage of a bunch of new hybrid remote work improvements, the Windows maker has announced.


  • Microsoft’s Teams service is coming soon to Apple’s CarPlay system
  • You can now stay in¬†meetings while driving, if you choose
  • The Teams app will soon work with AI-powered cameras
  • Microsoft also unveiled other hybrid work improvements for Teams

A photo showing Microsoft Teams running on Apple CarPlay
Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams updated with Apple CarPlay functionality

Apple CarPlay will pick up audio-only support for Microsoft Teams via an update to Teams for iOS that’s expected later this month, a post on the Microsoft Teams blog¬†acknowledges.

For those unfamiliar with it, CarPlay is Apple’s in-car dashboard feature that’s available on compatible cars and aftermarket receivers. With CarPlay support in place, Teams users can create a new meeting or join one that’s in progress with Siri spoken commands.

Of course, you shouldn’t be doing that while driving, unless you get stuck in a traffic jam.

Other new Teams features

Aside from CarPlay compatibility, Microsoft unveiled other improvements to Teams to help those who work in hybrid work environments. For example, Teams will soon work with AI-powered cameras from the likes of Jabra, Poly, Yealink and others, which will make possible smart features like people recognition, speaker tracking, multiple video streams and more.

And to make interactive collaboration with apps in Teams meetings even better than before, you can now add an app to a meeting and share it with others who can interact and use the app as well, allowing for real-time collaboration.

Apple had planned a similar feature of its own in FaceTime, dubbed SharePlay. Sadly, SharePlay won’t launch alongside iOS 15 because the company wants to work out some kinks before it becomes confident that the feature is ready for prime time.