Apple TV+ drops first-look featurette of “See” Season 2 ahead of Friday premiere

“See,” an Apple TV+ science fiction show that takes place in the distant future, will start streaming its second season on August 27. Here’s Apple’s look at the upcoming journey.


  • Jason Momoa returns as Baba Voss in “See” Season 2
  • Season 2 expands into enemy territory
  • “See” is renewed for a third season

Poster artwork for Season 2 of Apple TV+ show See
Image credit: Apple

“See” Season 2: First look featurette

In Season 2, the world of “See” expands into enemy territory as the show picks up pace.

And now, watch the “See” — Season 2 first look featurette embedded right ahead (just briefly, a featurette is a short documentary feature film about the making of a full-length movie).

According to Apple’s description of the second season of “See”:

In season 2, Baba Voss struggles to reunite his family. His estranged brother Edo has captured Baba’s daughter Haniwa, vowing to exact his revenge against his brother. Meanwhile, the threat of war looms between the Kingdom of Paya and the Trivantian Republic, drawing Baba and his family directly into the center of the conflict.

The first episode of the second season will premiere on Apple TV+ on August 27, with subsequent episodes releasing every Friday.

You can stream “See” on Apple TV+.

What’s “See” all about?

Set in a brutal, primitive future after a deadly virus decimated humankind, “See” follows a group of survivors who emerged blind. Jason Momoa plays Baba Voss, the show’s central character and the father of twins born centuries later with the ability to see. Voss is tasked with protecting his tribe against “a powerful yet desperate queen who wants the twins destroyed.”

As one of the tentpoles of Apple TV+, “See” has been renewed for its third season.

With the fall upon us, Apple TV+ is prepping to unleash or has already begun streaming new seasons of the most popular shows, including “For All Mankind”, “Truth Be Told”, “The Morning Show” and others. And on September 24, Apple TV+ will premiere “Foundation,” a much anticipated scion-fi saga based on the novels written by legendary sci-fi author Isaac Asimov.