The next Apple Watch activity challenge set for August 28, celebrates national parks

The next Apple Watch activity challenge has been scheduled for Saturday, August 28, and you can earn a virtual medal and exclusive stickers by completing it.


  • Rut at least a mile on August 28 to earn this achievement
  • You can also complete a specific workout
  • Log your workout with any Health-compatible app

Apple Watch wearer in a wheelchair

The next Apple Watch activity challenge set for August 28

Similar to the previous challenges, this one requires you to track a specific workout on a specific day in the Workout app on Apple Watch or any other workout app that integrates with Health. Doing so unlocks a virtual medal, which you can marvel at in the Fitness app on iPhone.

Let’s take a day to appreciate the beauty of national parks all over the world. On August 28, earn this award by recording a hike, walk, run or wheelchair workout of a mile (1.6K) or more with any app that adds workouts to Health.

Apple will send notifications to Apple Watch wearers to inform them of the challenge.

Aside from the medal, you also get exclusive, animal-themed animated stickers which you can use to adorn your messages sent over iMessage or replace your head on FaceTime. You can even complete this challenge on Apple Fitness+, a $10/month workout subscription service.

On top of that, Apple is also celebrating the beauty of national parks the world over by donating funds to all qualifying purchases made with Apple Pay this week to the National Park Foundation. Established in 1967, the National Park Foundation often raises private funds for the activities of the National Park Service which is celebrating its 105th anniversary in 2021.

As you know, Apple has been naming major macOS releases after California’s famous national parks. In a podcast interview with Outside magazine‘s Michael Roberts in December 2020, Apple CEO Tim Cook said there are conference rooms in the main Apple Park building which are named after US national parks.