New Apple video teaches us how to master portraiture photography

Apple has shared a new “Today at Apple” video session which teaches you tips and tricks for how to take portrait photos with iPhone and master portraiture photography.


  • New video tutorial from “Today at Apple” sessions
  • Watch the video for some great Portrait mode tips
  • iPhone 7 Plus debuted portraiture photography 

A still from Apple's video about taking great Portrait photos on iPhone

Video: How to take great portrait photos with iPhone

Running five minutes and twenty seconds long, featuring self-taught New York City photographer Mark Clennon and hosted by Apple specialist Jahmyra, this new video tutorial comes from “Today at Apple,” hands-on sessions available in Apple’s retail stores and online.

Featured iPhone photography tips everyone should know

All you need to take great portraits with that DSLR-like depth-of-field effect is an iPhone 11 or later and Apple’s stock Camera app. Swipe to “Portrait” in the Camera app. As soon as Portrait mode is ready, the name of the lighting effect turns yellow.

Any portraits taken in the Camera app are automatically saved into the “Portrait” album in the Photos app. You can then use Photos’ built-in editing features to do things like crop and auto-enhance. Note that shooting in the RAW format is unavailable in Portrait mode.

These videos offering creating tips have become something of a norm for Apple. Just recently, for example, we saw a similar video tutorial full of valuable tips for creating otherworldly photos using the iPhone’s Night mode feature.

Portrait mode works on any iPhone from iPhone 7 Plus onwards, including the second-generation iPhone SE. In terms of iPads, Portrait mode is supported by the third-generation iPad Pro and newer.

The Apple website provides more information about taking portrait photos with iPhone.