Sileo v2.2 out of public beta, now available for everyone with countless improvements

The Sileo Team unleashed a public beta build of Sileo version 2.2 with an extensive change log this past weekend. Given all the new features and improvements that this particular version of the popular package manager encompassed, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that it energized the user base.

Those who’ve been patiently waiting for an actual public release (as opposed to a public beta build) will be excited to learn that Sileo v2.2 is now available to the masses. The update should populate for existing Sileo users upon launching the app and refreshing installed sources.

Sileo v2.2 was formally announced Thursday morning via the Sileo Team’s official Twitter page:

As noted, it’s recommended that anyone who installed the Sileo public beta last weekend uninstall it before installing today’s update.

No major changes were specifically underscored in the Tweet, which suggests that today’s official public release contains all the same changes that were previously mentioned in the Sileo v2.2 public beta build this past weekend.

It’s worth noting that Sileo is now officially compatible with all jailbreaks, however it comes pre-installed on those jailbreaks developed by CoolStar-led jailbreak teams, including Odyssey and Taurine. Sileo would also be installed on checkra1n’d devices if the user deploys the Odysseyra1n installer.

Those using jailbreaks now developed by any of CoolStar’s jailbreak teams should add the following repository to their existing package manager to find everything they need to install Sileo:

For help with installing Sileo on a jailbreak besides those mentioned above, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Sileo v2.2 also brings a redesigned package install page that shows exactly what is happening, a new button for cancelling downloads from the queue, iCloud profile pictures, Canister support on the Featured page, new package sorting options, performance improvements, and a whole slew of bug fixes, among other things.

Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of the Sileo package manager on your jailbroken device yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.