CAD-based renders of Apple Watch Series 7 reveal a design overhaul

Apple Watch Series 7 is coming this fall, featuring a boxy design with flat edges, bigger speaker grilles and other visual changes. The following renders, based on alleged CAD drawings, give us our first real glimpse into what Apple Watch Series 7 might, and probably will, look like.


  • Apple Watch Series 7 will have a redesigned chassis
  • Rounded edges are being replaced with flat ones
  • Boxy design similar to iPad Pro and iPhone 12

A CAD-based render of Apple Watch Series 7 showing the right side with the Digital Crown and Side buttons
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Apple Watch Series 7 design changes

These high-resolution renders are based on CAD files of Apple Watch Series 7, obtained from industry sources by, which Apple’s suppliers rely on to prepare production.

They illustrate design changes we should expect from the next Apple Watch which reliable analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo previously called for. Claimed changes include a substantial design overhaul since Apple Watch Series 4 introduced a bigger edge-to-edge display. New design revolves around a boxier appearance resembling the latest iPad Pro and iPhone 12 models.

A CAD-based render of Apple Watch Series 7 showing expected design changes like bigger speaker grilles on the left side
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Doing away with rounded edges in favor of a flat-edged design isn’t the only design change expected from Apple Watch Series 7. While you should still find a Digital Crown button for navigation alongside a side button on the right side of the frame, just like on the current models, the left side of the housing has two large slits for obviously bigger speaker grilles.

A CAD-based render of the back crystal on Apple Watch Series 7
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Aside from updated design, Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to run Apple’s refreshed, faster chip and come in a variety of colors. And one last leak before signing off: dimensions.

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Claimed Apple Watch Series 7 dimensions

The device should be available in the same sizes as before:

  • 40mm model
  • 44mm model

The 44 models should measure 44x38x9mm and have a 1.8-inch display like the 44mm Series 6 ones that measure 44X38X10.7mm. Speaking of which, the display on the next Apple Watch should use thinner bezels and utilize the screen lamination technique. This eliminates a gap between the cover glass and the display panel so images appear as if painted on glass.

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A bunch of unreleased Apple Watch models has surfaced recently in regulatory filings, indicating Apple is getting ready to launch Apple Watch Series 7 sometime in the fall.