Apple will fix Mac issues related to using a scanner in Image Capture and other apps

Those who use a scanner may have seen an error message when attempting to actually use it. But don’t worry, as Apple has promised to deliver a fix for this odd Mac scanner issue.


  • macOS suffers from a scanner bug related to drivers
  • It manifests itself in Image Capture and other apps
  • Apple says a permanent fix is in the works
  • Meanwhile, a band-aid fix is available

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Unable to use your Mac scanner in apps?

As noted on several online forums, people who use a scanner on their Mac may see an error message when trying to use their scanner from within the Image Capture app, the Preview app or the Printers & Scanners preference pane. The message instructs the user to contact their computer or network administrator for assistance. Another instance of the error message may indicate that the computer failed to open a connection to your scanner.

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“You do not have permission to open the application” is what you may be greeted with when trying to use your scanner in one of the above apps if this issue affects you.

According to a support document on the Apple website, this bug in the macOS operating system will be resolved in a future software update. “This issue is expected to be resolved in a future software update,” reads the document.

In the meantime, Apple has provided a temporary fix.

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How to fix Mac scanner issues in Image Capture and other apps

Until a permanent fix arrives in a future macOS software update, try these steps:

  1. Quit any apps on your Mac that are open.
  2. From the Finder menu, choose Go → Go to Folder.
  3. Type “/Library/Image Capture/Devices” in the box, then press Return.
  4. In the window that opens, double-click the app named in the error message.
  5. Now close the window and open the app you were using to scan.

A new scan should now proceed normally.

This is an issue with your scanner driver. It’s the name of your scanner driver. Apple notes that “nothing should happen” when you open the driver named in the error message. IF getting the same error when scanning from a different app, simply repeat these steps.

If you have been affected by this problem, share your experience in the comments.