Apple has settled its lawsuit against mobile device virtualization company Corellium

It has been almost two years since Apple fired its legislative salvo against the mobile device virtualization company Corellium. And while things got rocky between now and then, it appears things have gone quiet. And that would be because it turns out Apple has settled its lawsuit with the company.

According to a report today fromĀ The Washington Post, Apple has settled the lawsuit against Corellium with a confidential resolution. The start of the trial between the two companies was actually set to begin on Monday, August 16, 2021. But, just days before that start date, the companies have apparently come to an agreement.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what that agreement is.

As mentioned above, the terms of the settlement are confidential. However, in the original report, the publication was able to confirm with Corellium that the company will still be providing virtual iOS systems moving forward. Which is an interesting turn of events, considering it seemed very much like Apple wanted to shut the whole thing down.

As a quick recap: Apple sued Corellium in August of 2019 claiming that the mobile device virtualization company infringed on copyrights owned by Apple related to iOS. Apple added more allegations in 2020. However, Apple lost its copyright battle against Corellium before the end of 2020. And in January of this year, Corellium said that individuals could use the virtualization software now, not just companies.

In between, Corellium argued that its virtualization tools make iPhones safer in general, as it allows interested parties to discover potential holes in the mobile operating systems. Meanwhile, Corellium CEO Amanda Gorton said that Apple was actually trying to “set a precedent to eliminate public jailbreaks.”

But it apparently has all been ironed out.