Artists can now share milestones with fans on Apple Music

Once upon a time, Apple Music had an eye for a social network-esque experience. Mostly for artists distributing music on the streaming service to connect with fans in a different, more direct way. However, Apple Music Connect would not last.

But it looks like Apple isn’t quite ready to give up on the idea of artists sharing news and information with their fans directly, albeit a bit differently. Instead of relying on Apple Music itself, this new feature, which is called Shareable Milestones, lets artists (and social media managers/etc.) lets artists share important information directly to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

The idea here is to use these other services, which are much more popular as far as the social element is concerned, and then link back to Apple Music directly. Apple officially unveiled the newest feature for Apple Music artists today.

These shareable moments for artists can be shared to social media directly from the Apple Music for Artists iOS app. Here’s Apple on the matter:

Any Administrator or Analytics user on an account can easily share any milestone to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram Stories, and generate posts for emails and Messages from the Apple Music for Artists iOS app. If you manage social media accounts for multiple artists, be sure to verify that you are logged in to the correct account before sharing any milestones.

Apple also goes through the steps to share these milestones on Twitter, Facebook, and via Instagram Stories. The company also outlines how artists and their managers can create a custom post, which can be shared via email or directly through Messages.

This new feature for artists using Apple Music is available now.