Logitech’s Combo Keyboard comes to iPad Air 4, we go hands-on

Logitech offers plenty of iPad keyboard options with its Combo Touch family of keyboard covers. They come in various iPad Pro, iPad and iPad Air sizes. In this hands-on video walkthrough, we take you on a tour of Logitech’s Combo Keyboard for Apple’s new iPad Air 4.

Video: Logitech’s Combo Keyboard comes to iPad Air 4

Built for the iPad Air 4 size, this accessory includes a full-size keyboard with backlit keys for easy typing in the dark, time-saving shortcut keys for Siri, Search, media controls and more. An integrated click-anywhere trackpad pairs with Apple’s excellent pointer support in iPadOS.

For our impressions of the accessory, be sure to watch the video right ahead put together by our videographer Harris Craycraft, who highlights the pros and cons of Logitech’s new thing.

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A built-in kick-back stand allows you to tilt your Combo Keyboard to use comfortably in modes optimized for typing, viewing, reading and sketching. Harris has reviewed and tried countless keyboard cases for iPads over the years, including several versions of Logitech’s Combo-branded iPad keyboards that you may be interested in.

A photo showing packaging of Logitech's Combo Keyboard accessory for iPad Air 4

You can get purchase these things at Logitech.com, Apple.com, Amazon.com and elsewhere.