The Elago R5 Locator Case for the new Siri Remote features a built-in AirTag slot

When Apple introduced the newest Apple TV 4K, it also welcomed a brand new Siri Remote. It’s a significant redesign from the previous generation, and one of the best features of the set-top box in general. But, a lot of people thought Apple would offer a built-in tracking option, an oft-requested feature.

That did not pan out, though. And thanks to the AirTag design not featuring a built-in loop, you can’t just easily pair the item tracker with the new remote. But that’s where a case can swoop in for the rescue. Take the new R5 Locator Case from Elago.

It’s not the cheapest option out there, priced at $14.99. However, that higher price tag compared to the competition is because Elago focuses more on the design and materials. The R5 Locator Case boasts a premium silicone material, and offers protection for the base, top, sides, and back of the Siri Remote. The front is fully exposed, of course, making access to all the buttons quick and easy.

There’s a gentle curve on the underside of the R5 Locator Case, which will help with general use. But it also serves another purpose: making room for the AirTag. The R5 Locator Case features a dedicated slot for the item tracker. This means you’ll be able to pair your item tracker with the remote easily enough.

The new Elago R5 Locator Case for the new Siri Remote and AirTag is available now from Amazon.