Apple’s Weather app won’t show 69 degrees anywhere in the forecast

The Weather app for iPhone and iPad is plagued with the stupidest bug you could imagine, preventing it from displaying the temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit anywhere in the forecast.


  • Apple’s Weather app has a problem with 69 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It won’t display 69 degrees even if that’s the actual temperature
  • Amusingly, Apple-owned Dark Sky does display 69 degrees
  • The odd bug appears to be limited to iOS 14.6

Why Apple’s Weather app won’t display “69” as the temperature?

It has been discovered that Apple’s Weather app that comes preloaded on iPhone and iPad is, strangely enough, refusing to display “69” even if that’s the current temperature in one’s area.

The software simply refuses to display 69 degrees as the current temperature in various places, including the hourly forecast for the day and the extended forecast. Other temperatures that include the number nine, like 59 degrees or 79 degrees, display accurately.

In that case, the Weather app will round 69 degrees up to 70 degrees or down to 68 degrees.

The issue, brought to light by The Verge, appears to be limited to iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6, currently the most recent stable versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.

This doesn’t seem to be a problem with data providers that partner with Apple on weather data because Apple’s data provider displays the proper temperature while Apple’s own Weather app resorts to the rounding. Even stranger, the home screen widget for the Weather app appears to display 69 degrees without any problems whatsoever.

According to a support document on the Apple website, Weather uses several data providers.

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The Weather Channel, for instance, provides severe weather information and a 10-day forecast. Other companies and organizations, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, feed Apple other weather-related data like next-hour precipitin, air quality information and more.

What’s new for Weather in iOS 15?

Apple continues to add new features to Weather.

In iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Weather has been updated visually with an adaptive layout, as well as new maps modules and new graphical weather data. Apple claims iOS 15’s Weather app includes “thousands of variations of animated backgrounds” that more accurately represent the sun position, clouds and precipitation.

Building on its acquisition of the hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky, iOS 15’s Weather app now packs in animated fullscreen weather maps showing precipitation, air quality and temperature.

Also, folks in Ireland, the UK and the US can receive next-hour precipitation notifications.