iCloud Mail is currently experiencing some issues

Thankfully, Apple’s cloud services are not impacted by major issues all that often. However, it happens. Today, for instance, Apple has updated its system status page to reflect that one of its services is currently experiencing an issue.

As is par for the course, though, what that issue is a mystery to the rest of us. The official system status page shows us that iCloud Mail is currently experiencing that unknown issue. Apple says, “Users may be unable to access iCloud mail,” and that’s about it.

If you’ve been running into issues for a while, that’s because the page also tells us that iCloud Mail’s issue started around 6:09 AM PT/9:09 AM ET. The small pop-up says that, “Some users are affected.” It’s possible that you’ve been able to use iCloud Mail without any issues. If that is the case, hopefully it stays that way.

Mail on MacBook

It’s possible the issue will be patched soon, and, in which case, that would be good news for the folks who have been running into problems. On the other side of the coin, the issue could persist, or even get worse, throughout the day. Either way, we will update this post when necessary, one way or another.

Are you experiencing any issues with iCloud Mail today?