Mark Gurman believes a redesigned ‌iMac‌ to replace 27-inch Intel models is “en route”

A new Apple silicon iMac to replace the 27-inch Intel-based models is coming later in 2021, powered by the next-generation Apple M2 chip, according to a reliable Bloomberg reporter.


  • Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes a bigger iMac is coming soon
  • It should be a replacement for the Intel-based 27-inch models
  • The all-in-one could debut next-generation Apple silicon

Apple's promotional image showing the 24-inch iMac in all colors

An M2-powered iMac coming later in 2021

Gurman in a new edition of his Power On newsletter on Bloomberg expresses the belief that a successor to Apple’s current Intel-based 30-inch iMac models is coming later in 2021 after the company in April 2021 released the redesigned 24-inch iMac, equipping it with its M1 chip.

I absolutely still believe that a larger, redesigned ‌iMac‌ to replace the Intel 27-inch models is en route. Apple increasing the screen size of the smaller model from 21.5 inches to 24 inches seems to indicate that the 27-inch model could see a size increase as well. I don’t think, however, that Apple will launch the larger model with the same M1 chip that’s in the smaller model. It likely will be an M1X, the beefier version of the current ‌M1‌, or an M2X.

But is Apple really going to use “X” branding to market an enhanced M1 chip, as some believe (this should be the same chip thought to power the upcoming 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros). Apple likes simple messaging and calling the chip just “M1” or “M2” instead of “M1X” or “M2X” would be a much better decision from a branding perspective.

On the other hand, Apple has been leveraging “X” branding for years now to distinguish between its custom chips for iPads, which are enhanced versions of their iPhone counterparts (so, the A12X powers compatible iPad models while the A12 is an iPhone-only chip).

Speculating on the M2 iMac features

Aside from such mundane details, we’re much more curious about any potential new features that the redesigned all-in-one desktop might bring to the table. Assuming the design is unchanged from the current  24-inch iMac, we should probably expect similar thinness, lightness, quiet operation and responsiveness that amazed us on the M1-powered 24-incher.

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It will also be interesting seeing whether the vibrant color options offered with the 24-incher will extend to this upcoming bigger iMac. We assume creative pros will be the primary target market for those all-in-one machines due to their faster chips with more RAM, bigger screens and so forth. And as Gurman said, this new iMac will probably go beyond the 27 inches of the current Intel-based model due to its redesigned appearance with skinnier screen bezels.