Windows 11 wallpapers for iPhone

Microsoft recently announced their massive OS overhaul which included some pretty awesome Windows 11 wallpapers. With a variety of images, both natural landscapes and geometric shapes, the wallpapers bring a welcomed minimalism to otherwise bland, utilitarian wallpapers of Windows past. Of course, we think they would look even better on the impressive iPhone screen.

Windows 11 wallpapers for iPhone

Why let Windows users have all the wallpaper fun? Matt Birchler took the full set of images and optimized them for iPhone devices. All of them tend to work well for Home and Lock Screen backgrounds. The image subject matter often falls in the bottom half of the screen, with a simple gradient at the top. This means it should work well to position the focal point below the iPhone Lock Screen clock.

My favorite image below is the sunset orange design, listed last. Save the best for last! There is something about the orange and blue that is really attractive to me. I don’t really care for the geometric shape or design, but the colors are striking blended next to one another.

Windows 11 wallapers for iPhone mattbirchler idownloadblog 2

Windows 11 blue paper flower iPhone wallpaper

Pink paper flower design Windows 11 iPhone wallpaper

Abstract blue Windows 11 iPhone wallpaper

Windows 11 wallapers for iPhone mattbirchler idownloadblog 7

Shaded glass abstract geometric shape iPhone wallpaper

Sunset orange and blue gradient geometric shape iPhone wallpaper

The collection I included is only a fraction of Matt’s work. On his Apple centric blog, Birchtree, he has a collection of 18 Windows 11 wallpapers, modded and optimized for iPhone. I snagged the ones I preferred for inclusion in our highlight reel.

If you love wallpapers, then stay tuned on Sundays for the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week update. This post is the first in my ninth year doing walls for the site. Per twitter:

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I really appreciate fans of the collection sending along wallpapers they find and love. If you are a digital artist, make sure to send some collections my way! And, if you aren’t the original artist, no worries, just give credit where necessary.

Here’s to another year of iDB wallpapers!!

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