Wallpapers of the Week: beautiful naturescapes by Solefield

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Wallpapers are of great interest to our readership. We came to this conclusion after posting several wallpaper articles over the past few months, including the wildly popular Evasi0n walls I created for the jailbreak launch. You, the readers, have contacted us through various channels asking for a specific and reoccurring section of iDB that will feature wallpapers for all iOS devices.

This post is a first in a weekly series, which is in direct response to those correspondences and, as the curator, I hope you enjoy this new feature. Being the first dedicated post, I will levy some expectations and concerns…

First, the “Wallpapers of the Week” section will feature two images each week, both of which will be dedicated to a specific device. Therefore, the walls will either be for iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini. It is very rare and difficult to find  a quality image that is formatted for each device individually. Consequently, the images will be for the advertised device only. However, if I come across an image that includes all device formats, trust that the download links will be made available to you.

Second, each post will include only two images because finding quality images on a weekly basis is limiting. iDB would rather limit the amount for quality control purposes. We prefer to provide quality images on a regular basis than include 5 to 10 walls in a weekly, with only several being decent options.

How you can participate

This is where you come in! I will be curating the section and will take input from readers. We know there are a lot of talented graphic artists that read our blog and I encourage you to participate! If you would like to submit your suggestions or original wallpapers, please email me directly jim@iDownloadBlog.com or find me on Twitter @jim_gresham. Please be specific about the artist, if you know that information. Did you create the image or do you know who did? Did you modify another artist’s work? At all possible points, we will try to ensure credit is given where due.


Without further ado, the first wallpapers are for iPhone 5. The two following images are adaptations of Solefield‘s Summerscapes 2 Wallpaper pack. To keep up with her work, visit her Deviant Art gallery or personal webpage.

Illusion iPhone 5 preview Infinite iPhone 5 preview

Download instructions

On your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the individual thumbnails to reveal the full resolution image. Tap and hold the full image and save to Camera Roll. Then, open Settings.app/Brightness & Wallpaper/Wallpaper/Camera Roll. Locate the image and the “Set” as either a Lock screen or Home screen image. From a desktop, view the full resolution image and save it to the sync folder that is set in iTunes.

What do you think? What do you hope to see in the new section on iDB?