‘This Week on Apple Music’ is a new breakdown of the week’s musical highlights

Every once in a while, Apple slips in a new playlist (or more) for Apple Music subscribers. It’s just another sign that Apple is always looking for new ways to spice up the service. It might not exactly be as personal as some might like, but for folks who want a weekly recap of some of the week’s noteworthy stores, this latest update will be right up your alley.

Today, Apple Music launched “This Week on Apple Music.” It’s not just a playlist of some of the most popular music of the week, though. No, there are plenty of other playlists in the music streaming service’s catalog that can handle that.

Instead, this new feature is a weekly refresh of the five “biggest things” across the service. This new weekly element to Apple Music will feature playlists, new albums, radio episodes, and videos. Here’s Apple Music’s tweet announcing the new addition:

And you can check out “This Week on Apple Music” right now yourself. It should be live. If you were using Apple Music before the refresh happened, though, you can quit the service and reopen it. This should bring up the new weekly addition.

As far as what’s available in the inaugural episode, that includes an interview with artist Jennifer Lopez, new radio episodes to listen to, a playlist featuring BTS: Butter Dance Party, and a short film.

This Week on Apple Music is available now.