Check out Nomad’s leather cover for Apple’s MagSafe Charger

Do you have a MagSafe Charger that you don’t like looking at because it’s, well, boring? Have you thought about what it might be like to spruce up accessory with another accessory? Nomad is here to help you out with that.

In what can only be described as a wild idea, Nomad is today introducing the Leather Cover for MagSafe. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A refined, well-made cover for Apple’s MagSafe Charger. The cover itself is made from Horween leather, which will give it a stunning look right out of the box. But, of course, it will earn itself a natural patina over time, giving it a unique look down the road.

Nomad says one of the other benefits of the cover is that it makes the MagSafe Charger itself a bit bigger. That means it should be easier to handle on a regular basis.

The cover simply slips onto the back of the MagSafe Charger, so it should be easy enough to install and take off when you want. It comes in Rustic Brown and black color options. And it retails for $24.95.

This is absolutely a wild idea, something that one might not expect. But Nomad is an accessory maker that’s not afraid at all to try out new ideas. Do you think you’ll be checking out the Leather Cover for MagSafe?