Apple releases revised firmware update for AirTag

Earlier this month, Apple released a firmware update for its first item tracker, the AirTag. That update was meant to improve overall privacy for the accessory. And now the company has issued a slightly revised version of that update.

As first noted today by MacRumors, Apple has issued a revised version of that latest firmware update for the AirTag. The new firmware version is staying the same: 1.0.276. But the build number is new: 1A287b. The old build number was 1A276d. With the slight uptick in build number, and without Apple actually announcing any major changes, it’s likely this update is minor in scale.

That means Apple is probably refining the anti-stalking features Apple added to the mix earlier this month. With the update, the time between a notification is much shorter. In its previous state, an AirTag played a tone three days after it has been away from its original owner. With the update, the AirTag will play a tone randomly in eight hours after being away from its owner, and within 24 hours.

With Apple not changing the firmware version number, there’s no way to differentiate between the old version and the new one. What’s more, you can’t force an update to the AirTag. That’s handled over-the-air, and while the AirTag is connected to an iPhone.

Resource: How to reset your AirTag

Your AirTag(s) will update on their own in due time.