Apple TV+ teases the second season of thriller ‘Truth Be Told’ in first teaser trailer

With so many Apple TV+ premieres happening throughout 2021, the streaming service is releasing first-looks on a semi-regular basis. As such, we’ve been seeing a lot of new teaser and official trailers. Today, we get yet another for a returning series.

Today, Apple TV+ is teasing the return of one of its more successful first-slate thrillers: Truth Be Told. This is a show that aims to hang onto the popularity of podcasts, with some major star power to help out. The show stars Octavia Spencer, who also starred in the first season. Apple’s leaning into an anthology series with Truth Be Told, so while Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) co-starred in the first season, Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) will be taking over duties this time around.

According to Apple TV+, the new season will premiere on August 20, 2021.

And here’s Apple’s description of the upcoming season:

Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) has a new case she would like you to reconsider when her childhood friend and media mogul Micah Keith (Kate Hudson) finds herself embroiled in tragedy and scandal. Poppy seeks to help Micah, pursuing justice on her very public and popular podcast, but at what personal and professional cost to Micah and her media empire?

The teaser trailer measures in at just over a minute in length. In that time, we get to see plenty of Spencer and Hudson. As is par for the course with a teaser, there’s plenty of details left out of the mix. We do get to hear “When The Chaos Comes” by Ruelle, though.

Did you watch the first season of Truth Be Told? Did you enjoy it? Going to check out the second season when it arrives in August?