Last-minute WWDC21 leaks: no new hardware, HomeKit improvements, new UIs and more

Apple’s confidential information regarding upcoming changes in iOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15 and macOS 13 are trickling in, with just a few hours left until the start of the WWDc21 keynote.


  • You shouldn’t be expecting any hardware announcements at the WWDC21 keynote.
  • Apple’s upcoming updates are said to perfect the interfaces across its platforms.
  • Apple is expected to bring new features to its HomeKit smart home platform.

An image showing Tim Cook in the Apple Park headquarters to illustrate the article about last-minute WWDC21 leaks

Last-minute WWDC leaks

Apple’s WWDC21 keynote should bring several surprises, according to last-minute leaks, including updated user interfaces across Apple platforms and new HomeKit features.

These tidbits, along with other information, have been sourced from a series of tweets by L0vetodream on Twitter. which in the past provide a fairly reliable, but not perfect, source of confidential information pertaining to Apple’s unreleased products.

But if you’ve been holding your breath for new Apple silicon Macs or other hardware introductions, there will apparently be none at the mainly software-focused developer event. When asked about it on Twitter, L0vetodeream resounded by simply stating “I feel no.”

“I feel that 14-inch and 16-inch should not be so fast,” the account wrote in another tweet in what appears to be a reference to Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro updates.

The tweet contradicts claims by leaker Jon Prosser and Wedbush analysts who said Apple would introduce its redesigned 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro notebooks at WWDC21.

9to5Mac has more about L0vetodream’s tweet regarding a “new UI”:

Although it’s just speculation, Apple could bring changes to the iPhone and iPad lock screen, notification center, and notifications themselves. watchOS has also been rumored to get interface enhancements.

HomeKit, Apple’s platform for the connected home, should receive some love at WWDC21.

“The release of the new Apple TV and HomePod mini is actually just a step in the right direction,” L0vetodream writes. “I feel that there will be new improvements in HomeKit.”

The new Apple TV 45K and the HomePod mini support the emerging Thread mesh networking platform designed for sharing short bursts of data between low-bandwidth accessories, such as motion sensors. Apple is expected to build new features for HomeKit based on Thread.

Other leaks have revealed that Apple will rebrand the stock Apple Watch app Breathe as Mind, possibly bringing it to its other platforms like iOS and iPadOS.

Also, the Cupertino technology giant may be looking to port the stock iPhone apps Contacts and Tips over to the Apple Watch with the upcoming watchOS 8 update.