Apple unveils iCloud+ with even more features, but doesn’t change pricing

Apple also gave iCloud some time on stage, announcing some big changes for one of Apple’s most important services.

There are two major improvements. First, a new way to get into your account. You will be able to add a recovery access list. So you can add individuals to receive a code if you are locked out of your account. The second is a digital legacy program.

This important information is what’s passed down to others when a user passes away. Those users will be able to request access, after you give them permission, to get information passed down to them. This is accessible across all of your devices.

Apple is updating the paid subscription to iCloud+. With this, it offers new features to the mix. That starts with protecting your privacy online. Apple wants users to browse the internet with even more security. All requests are sent through two separate relays. This hides your identity even more than standard security.

Another iCloud+ feature is “Hide My Email.” This is similar to Sign In with Apple. It shares unique, random email addresses so you don’t need to share your real email address. It works across Apple’s apps like Safari and Mail.

With Secure Video in iCloud+, users can connect more cameras, and none of the stored video counts against iCloud storage.

iCloud+ also has access to all of the standard features. No change to pricing.