Apple confirms iCloud Mail is experiencing some issues, may be slow or unavailable

iCloud is one of the most integral elements of Apple’s business model. But, while it serves as the backbone to many other services, sometimes an outage happens. And sometimes an outage hits a specific service in particular.

Every once in a while, Apple will update its official system status page to reflect an outage of some kind. It’s not as rare as some might like, unfortunately. And today, iCloud Mail users have probably already discovered the service is having some issues.

At the time of publication, Apple’s system status page shows that iCloud Mail is currently experiencing an issue of some kind. It began at 6:30 AM local time, apparently, and is considered ongoing as of now. The page says that “some users are affected,” but, as is par for the course, there’s no additional information shared on the site.

Apple does add that the service may “be slow or unavailable.” So, there’s that. If you’ve been trying to access your Mail app and have found that not going so well this morning (afternoon, if you’re on the East coast), this is probably why.

Apple is working on a fix, but there’s no specific timeframe for when iCloud Mail will start operating at 100% again. Once Apple does fix the problem, though, it will update its system status page to reflect the patch. And we will update this post when that happens.

Have you run into any issues using iCloud Mail this morning?