Video tips and tricks for using Apple’s colorful 24-inch M1-powered iMac

Your dream desktop has landed! The new 24-inch iMac powered by the Apple M1 chip runs circles around the previous Intel-based 21.5-inch model, but that’s hardly the only thing it’s got going for it. Watch our handy video tips highlighting some of its best features.

Video tips and tricks for Apple M1 iMac owners

Apple’s new iMac comes in a range of vibrant colors paying homage to the original, egg-shaped iMac G3. The all-in-one integrated desktop computer is powered by the Apple-designed M1 chip which previously proved its worth in the Mac mini and a few other models.

If you’re curious about what Apple’s most significant iMac update in years brings to the table and how you can make the most out of it, be sure to check our hands-on video walkthrough. The 17-minute video offers more than a dozen tips that every iMac owner should know.

For further information, visit the Apple website.

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Introduced at the April 2021 Spring Loaded event, the redesigned iMac became available to pre-order on Friday, April 30, ahead of retail availability that started on May 21.

M1 iMac pricing and availability

Apple offers three basic models to choose from, with additional configuration options in terms of the CPU, RAM and storage becoming available when shopping on Apple’s online store. There’s the $1,299 model with seven graphics cores, eight processing cores and eight gigabytes of unified memory. It’s available in green, pink, blue and silver.

A photograph showing the backside of a blue 24-inch Apple M1 iMac computer with a finger touching the power button

The pricier $1,499 model sports an additional GPU core, two additional USB 3 ports and Ethernet networking. It comes in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver.

Both models offer 256 gigabytes of snappy flash storage and two Thunderbolt ports. The computers ship with Apple’s color-matched Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse in the box.

The $1,699 model has all the same features like the $1,499 model, plus double the storage.