Watch the new orange 24-inch iMac get compared to the tangerine G3

There was a time, back in the day, when Apple’s desktop computers were very colorful. It certainly helped them stand out. But then Apple took a break from that design choice, opting for a more subtle color scheme over the years.

Thankfully, at least for the 24-inch iMac, Apple has decided a more colorful approach is perfectly acceptable in 2021. Apple unveiled the new M1 iMac earlier this year at the company’s Spring Loaded event, unveiling the new desktop machine with up to seven different color options. And now an Apple historian has brought out one of Apple’s original colorful desktop machines to compare to the new model.

Stephen Hackett published the new video recently. In it, we get to see a comparison between the original tangerine G3 computer with the new orange M1 iMac. You can check out the video just below.

As Hackett notes in the description of the video, comparing two computers that launched more than 20 years part is silly. It is! But the video is fun, and it’s awesome to see an OG G3 out there in the wild, especially compared to what Apple is offering today. Just looking at the different hardware designs is something to behold when compared side-by-side.

Hackett actually managed to find and collect all original 13 color options for the G3 back in 2016. He then donated them to The Henry Ford Museum.

The video measures in at under three minutes, so it’s a quick watch. But it’s a fun one, anyway.

Did you ever own a colorful G3? If so, which color did you have in your home? Are you planning on picking up a new M1 iMac? Which color are you going with?