Google Photos is gaining a feature that turns two similar images into a single moving shot

Google Photos is rolling out a cool new feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to animate a virtual camera for a smooth, nicely done panning effect.


  • Google Photos is gaining a new Cinematic photos feature.
  • The algorithm uses AI and ML to animate two similar still images.
  • No action is required on the user’s part.
  • You can share a Cinematic photo as a video.

Google Photos adds Cinematic images

With Cinematic photos, users can relive the moment in a more realistic way “so you feel like you’re transported back to that moment,” says an announcement on the Google website.

How to create a movie with pictures in Google Photos

The algorithm uses depth data to create a 3D parallax effect with a virtual camera panning across similar to the Ken Burns effect in the movies. The smart algorithm can also predict an image’s depth even if the source material lacks depth information captured from the camera.

These Cinematic photos are launching in Google Photos for iOS and Android.

The app automatically creates Cinematic moments and you can find them in the highlights at the top of the photo grid. You can share a Cinematic photo with friends and family as a video.

The Cinematic photos feature is a staggered rollout so not all customers will get it at once.

If you don’t see any Cinematic photos in the recent highlights section of the Google Photos app for the iPhone and iPad, then be sure to check back a few days or weeks later.